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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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when she arrived home he discovered the greatest threat to their health was back here on north washington street the culprit, carbon monoxide. >> they said it's a deadly amount. if we were sleeping, we would not be awake if it weren't for the neighbors geghtd sick. >> reporter: the call came from the neighbors who complained of a difficulty in breathing. equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. emergency responders quickly discovered deadly amounts of the toxic gas. >> we become concerned, 7 /9 part per million. they wear breathing apparatus and they experience a level of excess of 200. and as high as 1,000 oar
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firefighters ventilated four homes in the block while bge crews began searching for the source. paramedics transported two women to the hospital and treated one on the seen. she is thankful-- >> there was a carbon monoxide detector in here. i guess apparently not. i have to be more careful with my kids. thank god no one was seriously hurt. >> the city also sent neighborhood service representatives to ensure e vac cue es would have shelter. >> first, get a carbon monoxide detector. have gas furnaces and other
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applianceses checked by a professional. use the exhaust fan when in use and don't ignore alarm if it sounds even if you feel fine. they are designed to go off even before you feel the effects of carbon monoxide. baltimore city police are searching for two men who carjacked and kidnapped a man around 7:00 on december 30th. police tell us the two armed suspects approached the victim as he was coming home. >> they told the victim that if he were to cooperate, that he wouldn't be harmed. they forced him in the back of his own vehicle. drove him around to various atm machines to withdraw currency and ultimately let him go somewhere in west baltimore. >> police say the men stole the victim's suv, jewelry and his ipad. >> all it took was 30 minutes to and the life of a woman who lived to 84 years. jamie costello tells us the
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entire block can't believe the news. >> reporter: she was known as miss mary, mary hines. if her name sounds familiar, she retired in 1981 as the principal of the school. miss mary had lived on this block of bidil for over 50 years. when firefighters arrived, they saw fire storming out the front door and scooting up to the second floor. >> upon arriving they came up 2623 east bidil street with heavy fire on the first floor. they began to make entrance into the fire where they discovered an elderly woman in the front room. >> neighbors told us she went to church every day and used a cane to get around. we're told she decide have a smoking -- working smoke
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detector. jamie cost tele-- cost still low. things are getting harry. a project replacing the bridge decking is underway. that's chacking -- changing the way you cross the bridge. the inner loop will be shut down so the bridge decking and support beams can be replaced. that means you're going to see two way traffic. >> they've been there for approximately 35 years. this is the first time that the bridge decks will be replaced. >> it's going to take about 10 weeks to fin nirchlt the -- fin nirchlt the project should be wrapped up by early spring. after the last two days, temperatures in the 30s and 40s feel downright balmy and it's only going to get warmer. let's check in with wyatt.
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the temperatures have bounced back up well above freezing. in fact, in the low to upper 40s in spots. 47 in washington. frederick at 43. all spots above freezing even northern and western maryland a few passing clouds but nothing on the radar. no snow flurries to contend with. the rest of this evening, low 40s, not as cold and becoming less breezy. we're getting down to the 30s. we're talking about how mild things will trend into your saturday. general motors is pulling the chevy volt to make changes. it comes as the national highway traffic safety administration found that several fires were started after side crash tests. so far the crashes happened during the testing. dealers will add another metal structure around the battery
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pack to help more evenly distribute it in case of a crash. target is pulling 55,000 six-piece led flashlight sets. when turned on, the flashlights can heat up, smoke or melt. so far there have been four incidents including two with minor burns. for information call targtd at 1-800-440-0680. macy's, which owns bloomingdales is closing some of its stores, including two in maryland, including this one at the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota. it's also closing survive macy's stores. this looks like the nook may get its own niche. barnes & noble may spin off its
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e reader business. it expects worst results. the company blames the losses on lower than expected sales of the nook's simple touch. the company's $99 black e reader. the $249 than letted to their expectations. senator nancy jacobs said she will run for congress against incumbent dutchess dutch ruppersberger. in the end, jacobs said she decided she had to take some action. >> those who know me know that i can't sit down and be quiet and let things happen to good
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people. that's not why you want me to go to washington. >> jacobs served in the house of del gas as senate minority leader. >> after a decade, the labor federation announced plans today to promote marriage quality. last month maryland state and d.c. afl passed the resolution of seam seam. some local unions would be joining the cause. >> our mission as always and will always be about solidarity, that we are going to look out for the interest of all of our members and ensure that they are protected under the law and that their families are able to access the best that maryland has to offer. >> the group is hoping their sporks much like the support provided by labor unions will push the issue of marriage equality forward. after a decade of war, today
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president obama announced a major shift in defense pollcy. defense officials believe it's tim to change the way it operates. tighten the budget, reassess with less focus on fighting two wars in wrack and afghanistan and more on asia. >> the world must know the united states is going to maintain a military superiority with armed forces that are agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies and threats. >> the president met six times since september with top defense officials. now to the very latest developments from utah tonight. police in ogden are mourning the death of a fellow officer who was serving a search warrant when he was shot and killed. neighbors heard more than 40
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shots fired. another officer said someone inside opened fire. jared frankham was a seven-year veteran of the force. >> this is a law enforcement family. the law enforcement community is mourning. >> he is survived by his wife and two young children. the latest violence comes after a particularly tough year for law enforcement. we'll have a look at it at 5:30. your latte costs more. your backen and eggs at denny's is going up, too no word on when or how much. the announcement come has day after starbucks said it was raising prices. both point to the rising cost of ingredients. of all the wealthy people in the world, half are american. what does it moon to be mitch.
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the numbers were crunched in the book "the haves and have nots. it takes $34,000 after taxes to be among the richest 1%. that mean as family of four would need to make $136,000 a year to qualify. so there are 29 million in the u.s., another 4 million in germane. the rest through latin mesh, europe and asia. vasters who lost -- investors who lost money in bernie madoff's scheme will not be getting their money back. they have no legal protection for getting a return. it is believed madoff stole as much as $20 billion through his long running pyramid style scheme. some new video shows casey anthony for the first time since
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she was acquitted of killing her daughter. find out what casey said she is longing to do. >> a water main break in hampden caused some hiccups for some. plus, we've all made the resolutions for the new year. we'll tell you the five things you need to do to stick to them. check out kimberly and her pup. they are waiting for kickoff here. we want to see you waving pictures, too show us your purple pride. we will get them on the air.
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it's the viral video na has -- that has plenty of people talking. casey anthony talking on her web cam. we have the very latest.
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>> reporter: she may have short blonde hair and glass but abc 2 news revealed it is casey anthony. she said she finally as things to call her own -- a computer, camera and a pet. >> i can watch my dog. >> reporter: where the video came for or why it exists is not noafnlt anthony does not disclose her location but said the video was shot october. >> we'll be here for many, many months more i'll still be here until the end of february. >> reporter: it's a stark contrast of the last time the
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world saw anthony on camera before she was acquitted of murdering her toddler caylee. as soon as she walked out of jail, she disappeared. anthony seems focused on her future. >> i'm extremely excited that i will be able to skype and keep a video log. >> reporter: anthony goes on to say she hates being on camera but hints there may be more video diaries to come. feels like a heat wave after what we had earlier this week. >> just a beautiful day out there, beautiful day. i don't know if we cran do this but -- can do this but i wanted to take the manchester camera. i wanted to show the cloud
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formations as they come across the sky, really pretty stuff. it's one of those things, yes, there was some sun, some high thin clouds at times. for the most part this was a gorgeous day. temperatures rebounding. i want to show you bel air today. you can definitely see here that the weather was just really such a nice change for us and a big improvement. one last camera, ellicott city at our lady of perpetual help. the temperatures really bouncing back pretty nicely for us. all right. transition to what this looks like downtown. you can see that. hey, the day is getting longer. you can make out dusk in the city. really, i think into saturday, cooler sunday, but on the whole the next few days i think you will like the weather.
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41 at bwi, just a gorgeous finish to the day. maryland's most powerful radar crystal clear, dry as a bone. we expect that hold up, no flurry action. it did make for some black ice on the road. none of that tonight. temperatures above freezing. you have to get up to oakland to find temperatures around the 32-degree mark. this is a quiet scenario. the air is extremely dry at the surface. last night the air was so dry we had a snow band. although we did see some snow showers make it down, a lot of the snow just evaporated and never made it to the surface. dry and chilly. milder, a few passing clouds right now. as we kind of trend forward in time, you'll notice there's no weather in the east except towards buffalo, some lake-effect snow showers but all
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this well north of us. the pattern for us will be a bit milder as we see that high pressure that was originally pretty chilly kind of moderate, those temperatures going mild are and that milder air will edge its way into our state. you can see the temperatures south and west, just how warm those numbers were. again, the trend keeps us high, dry and clear tonight and into the day tomorrow. what about into your weekend. for more on that, we turn it to lynette charles. hey, i haven't seen you in awhile. welcome back. >> thank you. happy new year to you. it's time to wind things down a bit but i have something for you as we spell this out with an n we will wind things down. it's the wind down from the fast past of the holiday season with this first saturday that's
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dedicated to relaxation, reflection and recreation. that will be from five top nine -- to nine. then a museum and movie night. you can have an activity and enjoy a movie with the family. keep things in the family there. i've seen the lion king twice already. so i'm going to tell you you have to see this. this will be the last weekend for this at the hip map dream -- hippodrome. partly cloudy and mild. there's no ifs, ends or buts. i have some sunday events. now i know you have good news about the teams. >> finally, we get milder. the arctic blast made a punch on us getting nicer for the weekend, too and i like
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president winding down thing. na's -- that's awesome. we look for 52, nearly has warm as our saturday. seven-day forecast checking the outlook finding that things will trend milder through the first half of the weekend and into sunday. next week things get cooler and more unsettled but still not bad for january. back to you. >> well, the ravens have left the building. they're taking the weekend off. some admit to watching some of the action. they want to know who they will be playing next sunday. the players know the job at hand is to get up to annapolis in february. >> we appreciate the fact what we were able to accomplish. look at a guy like dan marino, hall of famer.
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when you're not playoff, you have to take advantage of it. >> the party will be over monday has the ravens get back to -- as the ravens get back to work. stay tuned. coming up, we have troubling results from a new study about teen girls and sexually transmitted diseases. >> the year is only five days old. many resolutions have crashed and burned. how to make sure you keep yours coming up.
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the risk of getting other
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diseases is lower. it shows that more counseling and education is they'ded -- needed. hpv is the most commonly transmitted and some virus types can raise the risk for genital warts. so you made that new year's resolution. the first rule of thumb, be specific. don't just say i want to lose weight or handle my money better. second, be realistic about what you can accomplis for people to0 pound has year. next, you need a plan. if you want to slim down, set out a goal of working three days a week and decreasing your portion sizes. >> things harnts going to -- aren't going to change because you want them to. >> you also need to make
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short-term goals. the best one is resilience. coming up a 64-year-old woman is rescued from an apartment fire in glen burnie. we'll have the latest from the scene. in utah, police are mourning the death of one of their own. what led to a deadly shooting of an officer. just like several candidates before him, rick santorum is taking center stage. we'll have more on the santorum factor coming up. [ male announcer ] introducing kfc's new weekend bucket.
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